About Us

Kaasha Kennels was established by Jeni in 1993 with Shetland Sheepdogs in Perth.  We were joined by Mark and his Alaskan Malamutes in 2003.

We now concentrate mainly on our Australian Shepherds.

Jeni got involved in Australian Shepherds in 1998 and was lucky enough to be very successful with this breed however when the laws regarding tail docking changed the decision was made not to continue with the breed and we introduced our first Briard to our home.  Despite having considerable success with the Briards we have moved back to the Australian Shepherds, a breed we adore. 

We have also owned and exhibited Standard and Miniature Poodles and Jeni still regularly handles for other breeders.  In 2017 we became co-owners of the Hillani Miniature Poodle prefix with Janet Hillier.

Jeni has done a great deal of handling for other exhibitors including German Shepherds, Poodles, Siberian Huskies, Border Collies, Corgis, Xolos, Kelpies and various other breeds.

We have been lucky enough to have owned and exhibited many Grand Champions, a Supreme Champion and several Best in Show winners.

From late 2004 to early 2007 we lived in Darwin in the Northern Territory and in May 2007 relocated to the beautiful South Gippsland hills to live on a property in Poowong, Victoria and then in late 2010 ended up moving back to Perth with Mark retiring from the Army.

In 2005 Jeni gained her license as a Group 5 (Working/Pastoral) Judge, in 2011 she added Group 7 (Non Sporting), in 2012 Group 1 (Toys), in 2014 Group 4 (Hounds) and in 2018 Group 2 (Terriers).  She is currently training in Group 6 (Utility) and Group 3 (Gundogs).

Jeni has so far judged in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and New Zealand.  She has also enjoyed judging several Working Dog specialties (NZ), a Poodle Specialty (NZ) and an Australian Shepherd Specialty (NSW).